Jack_Pinkofsky.jpgJack L. Pinkofsky
Founding Partner

Having grown-up in the tough, west-end enclave of the city called "The Junction", Mr. Pinkofsky is very much a product of Toronto. Following two years in the Honours Sociology program at the University of Toronto, he entered Osgoode Hall Law School. Mr. Pinkofsky arcticled at what is now called the Crown Law Office.

He was called to the bar in 1964. Figuring that a background in civil/commercial law would be useful in defending fraud and other property-related criminal cases, Mr. Pinkofskys forced himself to spend the first several years after his call with firms of that focus. Anticipating that criminal law would be increasingly moving in the direction of the current highly structured rules of practice, he then set about to create a criminal law firm modeled on the best organized and structured full-service civil litigation firms.  The result has become Pinkofskys.

He has been the senior partner in criminal law firms that have been at the forefront of criminal defence work for 35 years. In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious G. Arthur Martin Award for a lifetime of achievement in criminal defence law by the Criminal Lawyers' Association.

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