Jeff_Hershberg.jpgJeff Hershberg
B.A., LL.B.
Barrister & Solicitor

Jeff Hershberg received a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from York University and then his Law Degree from the University of Windsor. Since Jeff began working with Pinkofskys he has appeared at all levels of trial courts in Ontario as well as assisted with cases at the Ontario Court of Appeal. Jeff Hershberg practices exclusively in criminal and quasi-criminal law. He has a particular interest in violence-related offences as well as those including firearms and other weapons.

Jeff is an avid believer in the values entrenched in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and as a result he ensures that all accused persons receive a fair trial and the best possible defence. Jeff is known for not backing down in court and has achieved numerous acquittals and crown withdrawals. He has defended individuals charged with large scale drug trafficking, alleged gang members charged with criminal organization offences ("Project Flicker", "Project XXX" and "Project Kryptic",), failure to comply with bail/probation and attending court, driving offences, assaults, weapons offences, theft and various other offences. Recently, he was successful in getting over 5 ounces of cocaine seized from a motor vehicle excluded in Superior Court. His most recent success was in R. v. J.D. in which his client was found not guilty by a jury in a case involving possession of a firearm and being an occupant in a motor vehicle knowing there was a firearm inside.

Jeff prides himself on always being available for his clients and is always reachable by phone and email.  You can contact him by filling out the form below or calling him at (416)428-7360. 

You can view his personal website at

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