Reid_Rusonik.jpgReid D. Rusonik
Barrister & Solicitor

Mr. Rusonik is the firm’s managing partner.

He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1987 and was called to the Bar in Ontario in 1989. He articled with Pinkofskys, was re-hired as an associate in 1989, and became a partner in 1992.

Mr. Rusonik's particular focus in his practice is on defences based on breaches of an individual's rights as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, especially in relation to drug and property offences. He is also a veteran of almost 60 jury trials involving charges ranging from Murder to Manslaughter and Sexual Assault to Trafficking Drugs.

Mr. Rusonik practices throughout the Province of Ontario and is particularly fond of scrutinizing police actions in jurisdictions where challenges to their conduct are less expected and less welcome. His clients range from the very rich to the very poor, and he has loyal followings in several and varied ethnic communities in the GTA.

The following is an example of one of Reid Rusonik's cases involving aspects of racial profiling and Charter violations. Click on the case name to read the cross-examination of the arresting officer and the Judge's comments on the officer's actions.

***Click on the case name in order to read the full judgment***

R v. Smart [2005] - In this case, Durham Region police officers arbitrarily detained a young black man in his vehicle in order to conduct a search of him and the contents of his car. The officers claimed that the Accused resembled someone who they knew to be a drug dealer. A short series of questions in cross-examination quickly revealed that the officers clearly knew this individual being detained wasn't the person they were looking for. The officers blatantly carried out an arbitrary detention and search of the man's vehicle notwithstanding the fact that they had no legal authority to do so. The question for the Court to answer in this case was whether or not the detention and search of the Accused and his vehicle violated his Charter rights to be free from arbitrary detention and unreasonable search and seizure. The entire cross examination of the main Crown witness lasted less than five minutes and after he was finished, the Crown immediately asked the Judge to dismiss the case against the Accused.


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