Assaults and Threats Cases

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R v. D.H.T [2006] - D.H.T. was acquitted of assault causing bodily harm and breaching his bail conditions. It was alleged that D.H.T. shot a lit firework at the back of an eight year old boy from point blank range causing second degree burns to the boys upper back. It was also alleged that D.H.T. did this while on a "house arrest" bail condition prohibiting him from being outside of his residence. Counsel:

R v. Williams [2005] - a case where the client was acquitted for an assault on two police officers as a result of an illegal arrest. Counsel:

R v. Nguyen [2004] - Delay of 21 months was held to be unreasonable for an assault on a 90 year old woman at a nursing home.  Counsel: Carlos Rippell

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