Obstructing Police

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R v. Williams [2005] - Ms. Williams was acquitted of obstructing police by giving false identification to the officer due to the Crown's inability to prove her real identity through the use of an old mug shot photograph of her. Counsel: Christian Angelini

R v. Rachkovsky [2005] - Mr. Rachkovsky was acquitted of obstructing police by giving a false name after the Judge concluded that the officer was not acting in the lawful execution of his duties as an officer when he arbitrarily detained and investigated Mr. Rachkovsky without informing him of the reason why he was being investigated. Counsel: Christian Angelini

R v. Dennis [2005] - This is a case where evidence of marijuana possession, weapons, breach of bail and obstructing police are excluded from evidence at trial resulting in an acquittal due to the illegal stop, search and questioning by a Peel police officer of a passenger in a motor vehicle without just cause. The Judge found that the police officer had lied about the fact that Mr. Dennis did not have his seatbelt on in order to further an otherwise impermissible line of questioning. Counsel:

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